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Inland Classifieds-FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Q How do I list items for sale on InlandClassifieds?
A Adding your items to our website is simple and very effective.
  1. Create an account on our website.
  2. Fill in your personal details and a valid e-mail address - This is critical since all initial contact is via e-mail.
  3. Check your e-mail for the two messages that are generated by our servers. The first one is a welcome message that confirms your username and password and the second is an account activation message that requires you to click on a link to activate your account.
    This is the last step in confirming your identity and activating your account.

    If you don&undefined;t get those messages within a few minutes, they likely got blocked as &undefined;spam&undefined; by your mail services.
    You should take steps to allow e-mail from so that prospective buyers can reach you from our site.

  4. Once you have confirmed your e-mail and activated your account you can log in using your username and password.
  5. Your user menu will appear and you can choose to add listing(s), modify your accout info, etc...
  6. Choose a category for your ad (Only ending categories are available to place an ad)
  7. Choose an ad package (we offer a few levels of service, one being absolutely FREE)
  8. Complete the form and as many fields as possible (the more details, the more useful your ad will be to shoppers)
  9. Upload your photos (JPG or GIF) or skip this step and modify your listing later. You should post at least one picture at some point or your ad will not generate much interest. If you need help editing your photos, we can provide this service to you. Just contact us from the home page (at the bottum of the page).
  10. Confirm your personal contact information & pay for the package (if applicable)
Q I do not have a PayPal account. What can I do?
A Paypal (a division of E-Bay) allows anyone with a credit card to make payments using their service. You do not need to have a PayPal account setup or configured to use their safe and easy payment gateway. We do not accept cash, cheques or any other forms of payment other than PayPal (or credit cards). In return for your instant payment, we list your ad instantly and begin to promote it across the internet. We are confirmed business partners with PayPal which means that our identity, address, banking information and accounts have been validated by PayPal.
Can you give me any tips to get my ad noticed?
Each listing is viewable on InlandClassifieds website when someone browses the listings or searches for any detail of your listing. You can make your listing more visible to ImlandClassifieds vistors by opting to have the ad made BOLD, HIGHLIGHTED or FEATURED. Bold and Highlight makes your ad stand out in the list of ads shown to people who browse the listings here. Making your ad FEATURED will place it in random rotation to be shown on our Featured Ads section right on the home page.

Use a title that summarizes your listing.

If you are selling a car, we suggest the following format: YEAR MAKE MODEL

This would mean that a better title would be: 2001 BMW 528i

An ad title like this is going to get your ad noticed when someone searches the web for a car like this. Updating your ad is simple and can be done anytime.

How do I change my listing details and add or modify my images?
Modifying your ad after you post it is very simple and can be done anytime. Before you can modify your ad(s) you need to log into your account with the username and password that you selected when you set your account up.
  1. Log into the website using your username and password (they were e-mail to you when you signed up). If you forget your usnername or password, you can simply click on "forgot password" and enter the email address that you signed up with. Your credentials will get emailed to you.
  2. Once logged in, you will see your Statistics Page where you have several options. Click on Browse Your Listings.
  3. Click on the INFO button next to the listing that you wish to modify. You will see all the photos (if any) associated with your ad and the basic ad details.
  4. Choose to either add/modify your photos or the ad contents
    1. If you choose to modify images then remember to give each image a unique name so that viewers know what they are looking at.
    2. The rank option for each photos determines the order the images appear in your listing. You can change the title and rank of any images.
    3. If you choose to modify your ad, be sure to complete ALL the relevant sections as accurately as possible.
  5. When you are done modifying your ad, remember to save the changes by pressing SUBMIT at the bottom of the page.
What kinds of images can I upload to the site?
Our system is designed to accept JPG, GIF and BMP files. Do not attempt to upload PDF files. Our system will automatically change the size of your images from a large format (from a hi-res digital camera) to a small, fast loading web format. In addition it will create thumbnail images. You don&undefined;t have to do any special editing to make your images compatible with our website. Remember to post quality photos. Blurry or fuzzy images are not as effective as clear and in-focus images. Use a flash to get good quality in low-light conditions.
What images or shots should I take to help sell my item?
You need to present flattering images. Your item should be clean, tidy and free of clutter. This is the same principle as selling a home. You want to show all the important features of your item so that someone can decide if they like it before wasting both your time and theirs seeing an item that was either poorly described or not like the photos you posted.
Q What happens when my listing expires but my item is not yet sold?
AYou can re-post your ad simply by following the instructions that get e-mailed to you on the last week of your ads campaign. We remind you so you do not have to keep looking.

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